The founders of the Oma-DSA saw a need in the local community. There were job openings, but no one to fill them. There were a few college students graduating, but they lacked the experience necessary for the roles. The “aha!” moment came when we learned multiple people had most of the requirements, but were lacking one or two of the skills needed to function as a true data scientist. We then set out to create an academy that trains the student in the missing skill sets.

This is not meant to replace the mathematics or economics degree created by four year institutions. In fact, you need a degree to apply to the academy. Instead, it is meant to enhance the person who is missing a few needed skills to “round them out.”

Graduates of the DSA will gain the skills necessary to lead their companies down the road of data discovery and data-driven decision making. A graduate will leave with the confidence and skills of an entry level data scientist and be able to have conversations with business units, build predictive analytical MVPs, and be able to know and manage the skill sets needed for data science projects.


Preston Badeer
Preston has over a decade of full stack web development experience, including work as a user experience engineer, class instructor, and user interface designer. During this time he built new Read More
Nathan Booth
Nate Watson
Academy Director
Nate is the director and visionary of the DSA. He is the one who had the “aha!” moment and is very excited to see his students helping multiple companies expand Read More
Matt Hoover
Assistant Director, Instructor
A Creighton grad and former Conagra employee, today Matt is the Director of Data Visualization for CAN. He has created over 100 visualizations for CAN in the 18 months he Read More
Matt Dickinson
Guest Speaker
Matt Dickinson has over a decade of experience in predictive modeling, data mining, and research. Focusing primarily on operational needs utilizing his talents for marrying analytics with actionable results. In Read More
Kelly Burdine
Guest Speaker
Kelly Burdine is the Data Analyst Lead at Hudl, a Lincoln based company that builds video sharing and analytics software for sports teams and athletes. Kelly’s team helps leaders at Read More
Jeremy Bergmann
Data Scientist
A classical data scientist, Jeremy has more than 15 years of real-world data science projects under his belt. He currently resides in our building, albeit 5 floors up. He specializes Read More
James Rolfsen
James’s love for data science began in high school when he taught himself his first programming language. A graduate of Creighton University and former head of data science for CAN, Read More
David Krupp
As a data visualization designer, David Krupp analyzes data and creates visual content using Tableau, D3.js, and Adobe Illustrator to share new insights and tell interesting stories. His experience includes Read More
Branden Collingsworth
Guest Speaker
Branden leads a team of data scientists who analyze data to find new and interesting patterns, relationships, and trends that automate or help people make better decisions. They build interactive Read More
Gordon Summers
After working as Sr. Systems Analyst at Conagra for 20 years, Gordon joined CAN’s team as a data manipulation and management trainer. Knowledgeable not only in data science theory but Read More
Ben Hunter
An active data scientist at CAN, Ben is our heavy mathematician and programmer. He came from Silicon Valley via Boston and has worked for the likes of Reader’s Digest, Hayneedle Read More


Contemporary Analysis (CAN) began 9 years ago with a mission to bring predictive analytics to big companies in Omaha. As CAN grew and the market for predictive analytics changed, CAN saw a different need emerge.

Instead of hiring CAN to set up predictive data systems, CAN saw that it would be more beneficial to actually give each company in Omaha its own data scientist. As of 2017, this is CAN’s mission: to put a data scientist in every company in Omaha. CAN now runs on a "teach a man to fish" model, aiming to teach companies how to implement data science into their organization and then hiring, training, and placing an on-staff data scientists to run and manage the data science CAN builds for them.

To make this model come true, however, there needed to be more local education in the data science field. Thus, the Omaha Data Science Academy was born.

The DSA is taught by past and current employees of CAN (or data scientists trained by CAN) - people who have worked in the field, started their own businesses, and succeeded with innovations in the field. CAN prides themselves on their people, and wants to share these people with the community. Check out CAN’s website here.

Like CAN, Interface understands that it takes “talented people to build talented people”. Their commitment to the cycle of teaching and learning aligned with CAN’s goals for the DSA. So, the two teamed up to make the dream a reality.

Interface offers classes on digital literacy, web development, mobile development, Java, WordPress, digital marketing, and software design. Their motto may be “building people who build the web” - but their accomplishments are far more far reaching than just building the web. They’ve provided talented programmers to 50+ companies here in the local market, created a much needed youth program in the inner city, and have multiple stories of downtrodden to gainfully employed.

CAN and the DSA are proud to be partners with them.

For more information on their classes, their success stories, or any of their programming, click to Interface’s website here.