Omaha Data Science Academy alumni testimonials

Nathaniel Booth

Nathan Booth

Space Technology Data Analyst - serving NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate
Bryce Space Technology

"I am a former social studies, math teacher and amateur coder turned professionally coding Space Technology Data Analyst working at NASA. I met Nate Watson at a local code community event in early 2018, who offered me the chance to both teach and learn at the Omaha Data Science Academy. I accepted the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills in programming and databases. I jumped at the chance to learn data science from the graciously open and experienced Gordon Summers. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on both ends of the classroom. Nate will do his best by you, both in the classroom and outside - check out OMA-DSA!"

- Nathan Booth

Former Instructor - Omaha Data Science Academy

Jessica Womack

Technical Writer - Learning & Development Specialist - Creative Consultant

"I came back to Omaha, Nebraska, after spending over eight years abroad, in 2018. I had the goal of moving from the educational sector into STEM. I looked online, searched through endless YouTube tutorials, read blogs, and finally decided that I needed to find a program that was practical, supportive, and catered to individuals that were already working within various professional industries. STEM touches every department within the business value stream. As a result, I needed a program that understood the complex web of today's business world. I found CAN to have the perfect balance of business and data science. I currently work in cybersecurity and I constantly find myself utilizing tools that I learned in class such as but not limited to: wireframes, visualization tools, and database mapping. I encourage anyone that is thinking of a career or leveraging data science to enroll in the "Data Science Certificate," course."

- Jessica

Cohort 6

Bryan Buckles

Bryan Buckles

Operations Coordinator II
"Still waiting on my testimonial"

- Bryan