Omaha Data Science Academy alumni testimonials

Nathaniel Booth

Nathan Booth

Space Technology Data Analyst - serving NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate
Bryce Space Technology

"I am a former social studies, math teacher and amateur coder turned professionally coding Space Technology Data Analyst working at NASA. I met Nate Watson at a local code community event in early 2018, who offered me the chance to both teach and learn at the Omaha Data Science Academy. I accepted the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills in programming and databases. I jumped at the chance to learn data science from the graciously open and experienced Gordon Summers. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on both ends of the classroom. Nate will do his best by you, both in the classroom and outside - check out OMA-DSA!"

- Nathan Booth

Former Instructor - Omaha Data Science Academy

Jessica Womack

Technical Writer - Learning & Development Specialist - Creative Consultant

"I came back to Omaha, Nebraska, after spending over eight years abroad, in 2018. I had the goal of moving from the educational sector into STEM. I looked online, searched through endless YouTube tutorials, read blogs, and finally decided that I needed to find a program that was practical, supportive, and catered to individuals that were already working within various professional industries. STEM touches every department within the business value stream. As a result, I needed a program that understood the complex web of today's business world. I found CAN to have the perfect balance of business and data science. I currently work in cybersecurity and I constantly find myself utilizing tools that I learned in class such as but not limited to: wireframes, visualization tools, and database mapping. I encourage anyone that is thinking of a career or leveraging data science to enroll in the "Data Science Certificate," course."

- Jessica

Cohort 6

Bryan Buckles

Bryan Buckles

Operations Coordinator II
"My experience at the Omaha Data Science Academy was terrific. I was introduced to Data Visualization, Python Programming, SQL Language, Machine Learning, and much more for the first time. The ODSA instructors took the time to help me understand the topics I wanted to learn and inspired me to continue on with my interests. ODSA has not only given me the tools to master these subjects but also the support to move on to a new career. "

- Bryan

Cohort 3