The Data Analyst Track is the jumping off point for our students. Typically our students have prior education in a technology field or actual professional experience. Our Data Analyst classes help set the stage for your future success in data.

Classes are designed to reinforce the elements you’re already doing now. At the same time it exposes you to other aspects of data utilization you may never have encountered. By pulling back the curtain on the industry you have a deeper understanding of the world of data science. After completing our Data Analyst Track you’ll be on the fast track to becoming a data scientist!

Our classes are also designed to be a collaborative effort. Far from a lecture, retain, regurgitate style school our program encourages collaboration. Students come from all walks of life, educational backgrounds, and professional expertise. You will learn volumes from your peers in our classes through your interactions with them. After you complete the ODSA you’ll have access to our alumni network.

Our alumni share the passion for data and problem solving. Frequently our alumni will ping the group for help solving an issue or ideas on how else they could attack a problem. If the time for a change comes up you can leverage our alumni group to help find your next adventure in data.