Nate Watson


Nate is the President of Contemporary Analysis, LLC and our subsidiaries. Nate has a passion for enabling talented people to do amazing things. He is the founder of the ODSA.

Gordon Summers

Lead Instructor

Gordon is the lead data scientist for many of the projects at Contemporary Analysis. He helps direct the classes offered by the ODSA.

David Krupp


David has been a part of our team for quite some time. His ability to visualize data and convey a meaningful message to the viewer is second to none.

Jonathan Rolfsen


Jonathon is a truly gifted data scientist and instructor. Always eager to contribute and help when needed he’s a great resource for both CAN and the Data Science Academy.

Jeremy Bergmann


Jeremy has been with us a while and has been a great asset to have on board with us. His background with database’s and data in general make him a great source of knowledge and an even better instructor for the Omaha Data Science Academy.