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Omaha Data Science Academy

The Omaha Data Science Academy is a one stop shop for the expansion of knowledge behind all things data science.


We are a different kind of code school though, our instructors are practicing data scientists. This means you get working knowledge and up to the minute relevance in our classroom.


So much so, our unofficial motto is: “Come learn from 6-9pm, what a data scientist did from 8-5pm”


The Data Science Academy is designed to teach a new set of skills to individuals who don’t need another degree. They are already being asked to do pieces and parts of data science, but simply don’t know how. Our goal is to not only teach them skills sets but to also help them understand how to implement their new found skills inside of organizations. 


We offer in-classroom and live online, entry and (coming soon!) master level classes, for individuals, groups, and custom classes when needed.


How we are different

The ODSA is designed to prepare you for a specific job by teaching specific individual skill modules in combinations reflecting common duties of a specific job title.


We understand these duties because we, ourselves, do the work every day. We teach you what we would need to retrain ourselves from scratch. 


We also understand how busy we all are. Because of this, all of our classes are designed to fit the needs of professionals who can’t drop everything to earn another degree.


All of the following certificates at the Omaha Data Science Academy are designed for you to keep a  work/life/study balance.

Data Viz

Learn how to take data and convert it into easy to read formats. Data Visualization is the first step to understanding data and making data driven decisions from it.

Data Analyst

Learn how to dig into data and understand what its telling you. Data driven organizations need Data Analysts to help them make sense of a complex data environment.

data engineer

Learn how to structure data for the foundation of a data driven organization. Strong data leads to innovation and Data Engineering is part of that complex puzzle.

Machine Learning

Learn how to take data work to the next level with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. As organizations do more with less, these skills are on the front line. 

fundamentals of DS

Get a comprehensive training in all the areas needed to be a successful data scientist. A Fundamentals certificate combines all the Data Visualization, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning & AI into 1 certificate!

DS Management

Learn how to manage data teams without stifling their innovation. Data Science Management is as much an art form as it is a core competency.

Group Training

The Omaha Data Science Academy has a unique ability to tailor data science training to fit the needs of a specific organization. While these classes won’t come with a certificate, they can accelerate your data teams effectiveness. Whatever your team needs, we can build for you?



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