Cohort Classes

The ODSA offers classes in a Cohort format.Our students are typically employed full time so a work/life/school balance is important. Because life can get in the way, students can take classes in other cohorts or out of order if needed. The program is 24 weeks long with 2 classes a week from 6-8pm.

Evening classes

Our classes are offered two nights a week from 6pm - 8pm. The bulk of our students work full time jobs elsewhere, so we try to accommodate everyone's schedule. Our classroom is as comfortable as we can make it, and we provide drinks and snacks while you're with us.

Peer Network

Data Science is a constantly evolving field. Sometimes you just need to bounce an idea off a peer. Maybe you're looking for your next challenge. Or, maybe you're wanting to teach at the ODSA. We keep in touch with our alumni to help facilitate the community of Data Science in the Midwest. We operate a Slack Channel for all our alumni so they have real time access to an ocean of knowledge.

Class Schedule

Typically we will have overlapping Cohorts at different levels. This way our students can cover any classes they may have missed the first time around. Classes run for 24 weeks. Classes are 2 nights a week from 6-8pm.

we are located inside the aim building in Omaha Nebraska