Thank you for taking time to learn more about our program. The Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA) is a joint venture between multiple organizations. Below we’ve broken out the organizations and how they interact with the ODSA

Omaha Data Science Academy which is owned and operated by Contemporary Analysis, Inc.
Data Science Consulting firm who founded and own the Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA).
Interface Web School is a code school who is wholly owned by the AIM Institute offering web development training.
Parent company to Interface Web School who’s mission it is to train people from Grade School to CTO level.

This is important to note as you’ll mostly be in contact with the team from Contemporary Analysis/ODSA for class information and course work. AIM and the Interface Web School handle tuition payments, application and accreditation in the state of Nebraska.

Below is the application you’ll need to fill out to become officially enrolled in class.