Late in 2015 Contemporary Analysis (CAN), the parent company that started the ODSA, realized there was a growing problem in the data community. Companies were looking for people to work with the oceans of data being generated. However, the job openings for data scientists would go unfilled time and time again. There were a few college students graduating the three local programs, but they lacked the experience necessary for the roles.

As CAN worked with companies they realized Data Scientists were some of the most difficult people to find and hire. Data is in our blood so we started training people to become Data Scientists.

The “Eureka!” moment came when we realized multiple people already employed by the same companies advertising the openings, had most of the skills needed to fill those roles, they just lacked one or two of the skills needed to function as a “data scientist”.

The ODSA is not meant to replace a degree in mathematics or economics. In fact, you need a degree to apply to the academy. Instead, it is meant to give a person who already has a degree, the skills necessary to become a fully functional data scientists.

The ODSA was later incorporated into the Interface Web School. Interface has continued to train top notch developers and adding a data science track was a great fit. The partnership has lead to the program being accredited in the state of Nebraska.

The ODSA goes beyond typical training courses. Rather than “train and release” style programs we built a community. Our students have access to our alumni network to help continue to grow their skills and have support.

The ODSA also recognizes the need for companies who want to foster the data visionaries of tomorrow. Our classes are designed to support up to 12 people and can consist of an entire team. Our corporate training allows you to level set a “mixed bag” of skill sets and help your team work more effectively.

The goal of the ODSA is to be the unofficial “mother-ship” for all things Data Science in the Midwest. Our commitment to our community and our alumni enables us to continually improve our curriculum with constant feedback from every day execution of data science.

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Omaha Data Science Academy which is owned and operated by Contemporary Analysis, Inc.  
Data Science Consulting firm who founded and own the Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA).  
Interface Web School is a code school in Omaha Nebraska offering web development training.